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As Halloween approaches, imagine a moonlit sea, cloaked in eerie mist, where the ghostly apparition of the Flying Dutchman emerges from the depths. This iconic phantom ship, with its chilling tale, resurfaces to haunt our imagination once more. Now, in celebration of this haunting season, JMBricklayer releases a new product – the Flying Dutchman set 40001.

Mysterious Appearance

This set, inspired by the legendary Flying Dutchman, captures impressive exterior details. The hull faithfully reproduces the iconic silhouette, with towering masts and billowing sails that mirror the grandeur of this maritime legend. Realistic elements include carved embellishments, rigging, portholes, and the iconic visage at the ship’s bow.

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Measuring 17x13x5in, the model strikes a perfect balance between authenticity and easy display in various settings. The main colors are gray and black, with subtle ghostly hints of glowing green. This mix immerses you in the chilling world of the ghost ship, adding a mysterious atmosphere to your space.

Illuminating Lights

There are 9 ghostly green lights positioned on the ship. A single light guides from the bow, one inside the hull, while a trio on either side of the stern, and one atop the quarterdeck. As the night descends, a remarkable transformation takes hold of the ship. In the cloak of darkness, its spectral green lights cast a glow that dances with mysterious allure, and the luminous stickers along the hull twinkle like phantom stars. It’s a spellbinding spectacle, leaving a lasting impression on all who dare to witness it.

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The Legend of the Flying Dutchman

The tale of the Flying Dutchman gives even the boldest folks the creeps. A ghostly ship cursed to sail the seas for all eternity, it is said to appear as an ominous phantom emerging from the darkest mists. Those who encounter this cursed ship witness a ghastly sight, an eerie testament to the haunting terrors of the high seas.

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Embrace the Halloween spirit with our exclusive set, available for purchase starting October 20th. You can get this unique collection on Amazon US or directly from our website. Don’t let the opportunity slip away to share the ideal holiday gift with your families and friends!

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