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JMBricklayer JMB Fast X Car Series Brick Sets Giveaway - banner 1-3

1:8 Camper Van 60125, Blue

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Military series, including brick sets of nuclear submarines, tanks, and military vehicles, from June 17th to 26th

Chameleon 70124 is available on backorder, early bird price will come soon

Sleek & Built For Speed

The movie Fast X is out now, lots of modified cars are featured there. From stunning looks to strong horsepower, these vehicles leave audiences amazed. Now, you can stand a chance to win free brick car sets, and explore a car’s styling and structure in building process.

Don’t miss out on this Giveaway! It’s open to everyone from June 5th to June 13th.

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  1. Please give me a chance to win one of those cars. I’m retired and with The Florida Heat. It will help me pass the time and stay cool.

  2. Winner Announcement – JMBricklayer Fast X Giveaway (Vehicle Series Brick Sets)
    1st place winner is Stephen Gillard, the prize is to choose one between 1:8 Camper Van 60125, Blue & 1:8 Camper Van 60126, Purple
    2nd place winners is Tina Meissner, the prize is to choose one among K500 50101, Silver Cloud 50102 & Silver Ghost 50104
    3rd place winners is Chad Boyd & Alexander Belkov, the prize is to choose one between FXX-K 11103 & SVJ 11104
    5 more names are picked as 4th winners, the prize is a 50% off discount code for our vehicle series sets
    We have sent all winners an email, please kindly check your inbox and claim your prizes timely, thank you everyone for entering! Till next time!
    To check out more and win more prizes, join our Facebook group

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